Audio Messages

Rev. Leslie Buckner

The Forgetful Hearer
  A Broken Spirit Will Cause God To Raise A Standard
 Adam Where Art Thou
  Are You Godly or Ungodly
  Be Ye Ready
  Being Empty   Binding Up The Broken
  Bless In Unity and Spiritual Anointing   Called To Glory   Contentment
  Dealing With Sin  Decisions   Defining Godly and Ungodly
 Empty  Faith   Fixing Our Spiritual Receiver
  Flesh or Spirit   God Wants To Reform Us   A Time To Die
  Godly or Ungodly   A Stranger In The House  Having Peace
  He That Hath An Ear   He That Is Spiritual   Add To Your Gaith Virtue
  Hearing With The Spiritual Ear   Identification Of Godly Or Ungodly   Experience With Evidence
  Jude To The Faith Contenders  Living Faith   Me, I, We, Us They, Them
  Fellowship 2016   Poison Killer   Power of His Resurrection
  Present Your Bodies   Relationship Between Shepherd and Sheep   Repairer Of The Breach
  Rivers Of Living Water   Foundation Of God   God Being Forsaken
  Spirit Of Life and Death   Spiritually Whole   The Anointing
  The Faithful Are Blessed   The Glorious Church   The Godly Man
  The Key Of Virtue   God Speaks Light  The Power Of Prayer
  Having An Ear To Hear   Jesus Went About Doing Good  Let Us Go On
  Things That We Think   Perfecting The Saints   This Bible And You
  Trial Of Your Faith   Victory In Godliness   When I'm Weak Then I'm Strong
  Yoked With God  Power Over Satan   Repent and Be Converted
  Solomon's Problem Was Solomon   The Elect Of God   The Forgetful Hearer
  The Greatest Gift   The Natural Man   The Spirit
  The Test and Trial   Total Victory In The Net   Unity Brings Strength
  Victory Our Ultimate Triumph   What Brings Rejoicing  What Is Man
  When Faith Touches Virtue