We want to thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Bible Way Association. This site will provide some of the expectations we feel are important to the ministry of the Gospel in regards to the unique ministry of Bible Way Association. This ministry is committed to doing our part towards qualifying ministers of the Gospel for the task of reaching a lost and dying world with the Word of God and the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Please take a moment to consider the following information and feel free to contact us if you desire to join with our fellowship.

Bible Way Association is a Full Gospel, Pentecostal ministry believing in the trinity of the Godhead.

We hold the following values.

*    We are searching for fellowship with those of "like-precious faith" (2 Peter 1:1)who share our values in the ministry of the Gospel.

*    We promote the use of the King James Version of the Holy Bible as the true, unadulterated Word of God.

*    We believe that only the anointing of the Holy Ghost can bring true revival and that anything less is relying on
       charisma or carnallity.

*    We believe in a standard of lifestyle that represents true holiness, both within the heart and soul and represented outwardly
       by modesty and honesty, and without condemnation towards others.

*    We believe in a high standard of ministerial conduct, both within and without, each being an example to other believers.

*    According to our Bylaws it is required that the Pastor or Overseer of a church or ministry that is chartered with Bible Way
       Association must also be credentialed as a licensed or ordained minister of the Association.

*    We also believe in the fellowship of the believers and caring for one another, by prayer and other means as necessary.

Bible Way Association offer the following services.

*    We offer a full line of credentials to qualified ministers, including Exhorter, License and Ordination.

*    We offer a complete 501(c)3 covering with Internal Revenue Service under our Group Exempt letter providing complete
       tax exemption and non-profit status to qualified chartered affiliates.

*    We do all of the work relating to Internal Revenue Service and the exemption coverage on the affiliated church's behalf.
      This status becomes available upon completion of the charter procedures with the Association!

*     The affiliating church has the ability to choose to join the Association by resolution and articles of agreement.

*    The affiliating church also has the ability to withdraw, or dissaffiliate from Bible Way Association, by just filing a resolution
       with us along with a $25.00 fee, and we will will honor their choice by removing them from our Group Exempt coverage with IRS.
       No strings attached!  The church's government and controls all remain intact.

*    If you are interested in ministerial license or ordination please    click here!

*    If you are interested in a church or a ministry charter of affiliation please    click here!